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CloudGeometry. Because cloud arithmetic is not enough.

We build, launch & optimize the cloud software that drives your SaaS business success.

Recognized by AWS as a 
SaaS Competency
& Advanced Consulting Partner

for our deep specialization and expertise in designing & building cloud-native SaaS applications.
How AWS can help you overcome
technical barriers to customer impact

(whether you run on the AWS cloud or not)

Deep hands-on technical expertise to unlock
the proven leverage of full-stack SaaS

Best of all, it’s all done with a code base you own — no proprietary technology or licenses required — that gets your product strategy running and keeps it working right.

Maximum flexibility for customer growth, MVP launch to enterprise scale.

Agility & speed to launch new features faster
Release more product ideas reliably via micro-services, continuous delivery & QA
Consumer quality, enterprise grade
Slick web & mobile apps designed and run on secure scalable data infrastructure
Cloud-native, global-scale automation

Solve for cost optimization, availability zones, security compliance, 24/7 uptime

CloudOps Support
Tiered service processes based on demands of your platform and your business

Because Well-Architected Cloud is driven by products and customers, not just technology.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when you need your platform to achieve competitive advantage. CloudGeometry shapes all the moving parts of your SaaS product architecture to the unique needs of your customers and markets.

Our proven expertise means we engineer for both operations and top-tier user/customer experience. You get the freedom to focus on the business of winning customers — with superior agility and economies of scale.

What our clients say

“CloudGeometry experts helped us architect and implement a high volume, real-time SaaS AdTech platform, and set up a modern DevOps practice incorporating CI, security and monitoring best practices.”

Tushar PatelTushar Patel  Â· Senior Vice President Engineering, ZypMedia

“Thanks to their first-class engineering practices, CloudGeometry helped us grow by integrating big enterprise clients onto our B2B SaaS platform faster. Their experts work closely with our engineering groups. Staying in sync with sprints and daily stand-ups... makes us feel like one extended team, and keeps our devs laser-focused on core platform and product.”

George GoldenbergGeorge Goldenberg  Â· Co-Founder & SVP Engineering, CaaStle

“Top DevOps expertise, amazing experts ready to help resolve any problems. They are totally fluent in CI/CD, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes. Working with them felt like having true partners.”

Tzahi FridmanTzahi Fridman   Director R&D & Cloud Architecture, GE Digital

“CloudGeometry brought together the required expertise across all software technology layers, and necessary creativity to build our slick mobile app and ML-driven HealthTech platform. Partnering with them was the right solution for all our product development needs.”

Ilya KupershmidtIlya Kupershmidt  Â· Founder & CEO, GaliHealth

“These guys are my go-to team because their attitude is to help with any development or production issues.
They are on top of all the new technologies and development practices, they are professional and deliver thorough, reliable expertise.”

Oded GoldOded Gold  Â· Engineering Manager, Nurego (Acquired by GE)

“What sets CloudGeometry apart? They really see themselves as an extension of the business … impressive technically, wide range – AWS, mobile, modern infra, databases, etc. Always hungry for ways to contribute cool technology that makes a difference to our customers.”

Philip BelderPhilip Belder  Â· CTO, HomeHero

“Really delivered for us, worked with minimal supervision, delivered solid results overnight, and were able to make progress no matter what blockers we'd throw their way.”

Matt NemenmanMatt Nemenman  Â· CTO, Mixamo (Acquired by Adobe)

Tushar Patel

Tushar Patel SVP Engineering

George Goldenberg

George Goldenberg Co-Founder & SVP Engineering

GE Digital

Tzahi Fridman Director, R&D/Cloud Architecture
GE Digital

Gali Health

Ilya Kupershmidt Founder & CEO
Gali Health

Nurego (Acquired by GE)

Oded Gold Engineering Manager
Nurego (Acquired by GE)


Philip Belder CTO

Mixamo (Acquired by Adobe)

Matt Nemenman CTO
Mixamo (Acquired by Adobe)

Features & Benefits of CloudGeometry SaaS Product Architecture

Designed and integrated based on the AWS Well Architected Framework & SaaS Lens

Streamline software development velocity

Improve the impact of feature innovation and avoid one-off fixes

  • Simplify business logic with well-factored shared services
  • Strong API abstraction to improve code reusability
  • Use microservices and evolve from containerization to full K8S orchestration
  • Integrated CI/CD with QA testing to accelerate rapid Release Cycles
  • Blended orchestration across EKS, ECS, GCP, Azure and/or multi-cloud Kubernetes
  • Secure API Gateway to optimize identity and routing management
  • Customizable frontend libraries adaptable for mobile and desktop white label

Optimize & update infrastructure

Faster onboarding. Better utilization. Operational efficiency.

  • Multi-availability zone redundancy and availability for 24/7/365 uptime
  • Centralized operations dashboard simplifies infrastructure health monitoring
  • Available full tenant isolation + routing-based VPCs w/ full redundancy
  • Global logging simplifies traceability and tenant context at all system layers
  • Choice of data partitioning models ensures isolation to fit your market
  • Cost optimization & reporting to understand, take action to improve cloud efficiency
  • Automate deployment config versioning via infrastructure as code to ensure consistency
  • Analyze, profile and trouble-shoot individual customer / tenant activity

Enterprise readiness for continuous customer success

Meet highest security, privacy, and performance standards.

  • Be audit-ready to meet PCI, SOC, HIPAA, HITRUST standards for continuous compliance
  • Tiered subscription models to deliver premium capabilities to your best customers profitably
  • Customer operations dashboard gives end-user admins full visibility into your product ROI
  • Ready-to-use billing solution integrated via a choice of third-party billing services
  • Add AI-enabled secure personalization to give every user the best possible experience
  • Authentication/authorization securely binds user identity and prevents cross-tenant access