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Managed Services

When your business relies on cloud infrastructure ...

Attain and maintain the top-tier dependability and cloud-native resilience your SaaS customers expect.

SaaS Infrastructure Lifecycle Managed Services

SaaS demands velocity and stability. At CloudGeometry, we build out all the critical dimensions of your SaaS infrastructure. Our specialty: ensuring high-growth B2B startups can reach the reliability, security, and performance of best-in-class managed services.

Our deep bench of Solution Architects, Full Stack and DevOps experts craft and deliver best practices tailored specifically to your B2B SaaS infrastructure and business. Rely on our convenient annual subscription format to unlock the full versatility of AWS cloud.

For stable applications leveraging economic efficiencies of cloud services and operations

  • – from $4,000/month
Silver Tier

For successful SaaS companies to upgrade compliance, security, reliability and more

  • – from $8,000/month
Gold Tier

For SaaS businesses in active development with frequent updates across production clients

  • – from $12,000/month
Platinum Tier
Does not include the cost of AWS service subscriptions

How it works

AWS Well-Architected is the fastest way to expose cloud workload risks you face today. Fixing all those reliability, security, performance issues? You need a realistic, sustainable plan to fit your SaaS business.

With CloudGeometry SaaS Lifecycle Managed Services, our AWS-Certified Solution Architects map and execute a phased plan for platform work you need – aligned with the technical options that work for your business. Sprint-by-sprint, month by month, our cloud-native full-stack development & deployment engineers work to ensure smooth operations and incorporate your new features seamlessly.

Standardize & Stabilize

Our DevOps architects complete a top-to-bottom assessment of your cloud services, development and operations processes.

  • Prioritized roadmap for remediating risk areas
  • Detailed gap analysis + cost/benefit tradeoffs
  • Highlight critical near-term fixes to current cloud and stack

Streamline for Scale

Through a sequence of biweekly sprints, our expert team will work through the optimizations that bring your cloud infrastructure to a level that meets/exceeds technical and commercial standards of your industry.

  • Execute improvements to infrastructure design, tooling, and processes
  • Agile development of infrastructure as code and deployment automation tooling
  • Leverage cloud-native micro-services to fit your use cases and tech stack
  • Regular progress reports show technical improvements/business impact

Systematic Support

With a choice of service levels based on the demands of your cloud infrastructure, your expert team at CloudGeometry delivers the support you need to monitor and respond to ongoing change.

  • Track, plan and maintain cloud operational integrity
  • Handle monitoring, incidents, and patch management
  • Ongoing tracking balances reliability, predictability, cost-effectiveness
  • Options to address continuous improvement in operational SLAs, security, and compliance posture

AWS Well-Architected Managed Service Coverage

Well-Architected best practice remediations vary by service contract tier:
  • Silver Tier: Remediations for 3 pillars: Security, Reliability and Cost Optimization.
  • Gold Tier: Remediations for 4 pillars: Security, Reliability, Cost Optimization and Performance Efficiency.
  • Platinum Tier: Remediations for 5 pillars: Security, Reliability, Cost Optimization, Performance Efficiency and Operational Excellence

No two SaaS architectures are the same. The AWS Well-Architected Tool shines a spotlight on vulnerabilities your platform faces today. It ranks your cloud implementation against millions of other workloads.

The AWS-certified SaaS experts at CloudGeometry help you target and solve for those risks. We craft and deliver a phased remediation plan to resolve deep technical tradeoffs. By overcoming barriers to scale and stability in all dimensions of your SaaS stack, we provide a faster, more cost-effective path to continuous leverage of SaaS on AWS. 

Sign up for CloudGeometry services directly via your monthly AWS bill.

Choose the Managed Service Coverage that's right for you


From $3,000/mo


From $7,000/mo


From $12,000/mo

Full-Stack Architecture Analysis & Review
Silver plus:
Gold plus:
Application Management
Monitoring & Remediation
Security Architecture
Silver plus:
Security Architecture
Gold plus:
Security Architecture
Incident Management
Patch management
Change management
Problem management
Silver plus:
Incident Management
Security Risk Management
Security monitoring & response
Patch management
Change management
Problem management
Service management
Gold plus:
Incident Management
Security Risk Management
Security monitoring & response
Patch management
Service management

Connect the dots with CloudGeometry.

Available Services Tiers

Silver Gold Platinum


Runbook Review
Security Review
Application Maintenance Review
Application Dockerization Review
Software Release Workflows

Full-Stack Architecture Analysis & Review

Cloud Compute Build & Deployment
Data Storage & Database setup
Containers Orchestration
Serverless computing
Artifact repository setup
Infrastructure-as-a-code & Configuration

Silver Gold Platinum

Application Management

AWS resource deployment
Application monitoring
Application testing/optimization
Application deployment
Application infrastructure requirements analysis and design
Application development
Troubleshoot and resolve application issues


Execute backups per plan
Validate backups
Execute backup restoration activities for resources of supported AWS services
Specify backup schedules and target resources
Report for backup jobs status and backup coverage


Networking configuration and implementation within AWS network
Network-level logging configuration and management (VPC flow logs, ELB access log, and others)
Configure and operate AWS Security Groups/NAT/NACL inside the Managed account
Networking configuration and implementation within customer network (for example DirectConnect)


Record all application change logs
Record AWS infrastructure change logs
Enable and aggregate AWS audit trail
Aggregate logs from AWS resources

Monitoring and Remediation

Monitor supported AWS resources using baseline metrics and alarms
Investigate alerts from AWS resources
Investigate alerts from application monitoring
Remediate alerts based on defined configuration, or create an incident
Deploy baseline logging metrics and alarm configurations
Define, monitor, and investigate customer-specific monitors

Security Architecture

Manage privileged credentials for account and OS access for Managed Services technical team
Review resources and source code for security issues and potential threats
Implement security controls in resources and source code to mitigate security risks
Enable supported AWS services for security management of the account and its AWS resources

Silver Gold Platinum

Incident Management

Handle application performance issues and outages
Provide incident response
Notify about incidents for AWS resources
Categorize incident priority
Notify about incidents in AWS resources based on monitoring

Security Risk Management

Evaluate the impact of remediating defined detective controls
Track resources exempted from defined detective controls
Request remediation of defined detective controls in designated AWS account(s)
Define, monitor, and investigate customer-specific detective controls

Security monitoring and response

Configure supported security management AWS services for alerting, alerts correlation, noise reduction, and additional rules
Monitor supported AWS services for security alerts
Monitor for malware on instances using endpoint security

Patch management

Configure maintenance windows and other parameters (for example maintenance window duration) for patching
Apply updates to EC2 instances per customer configuration
Tag instances to associate them with custom maintenance windows and patch baselines
Patch development team software stack
Update AMIs and stacks for Auto-Scaling groups (ASGs)
Investigate failed updates to EC2 instances

Change Management

Change management processes and tooling for provisioning and updating resources in the managed environment
Maintenance of application change calendar

Problem Management

Perform root cause analysis (RCA) for problems
Identify and remediate application problems
Correlate incidents to identify problems
Remediate problems

Service Management

Monthly service report
Deliver monthly service report
Reply to service requests