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Managed Full-Stack Development

We Set Up and Run Full-Stack Software Development Teams & Dev Centers

  • Managed by our certified Scrum Masters & Solution Architects.
  • Trained in Well-Architected approach and CloudGeometry  Solutions.
  • Proven experience in Agile collaboration with S&P500 R&D and Silicon Valley VC Funded Tech Startups.
  • FTEs, not freelancers
  • Hybrid or on-site

Packaged Team Solutions

  • Get a complete dev team for crucial systems/business processes
  • Certified professionals with deep AWS and multi-cloud expertise.
  • Teams led by Technical Project Managers and Scrum Masters
New SaaS MVP Development
Packaged launch-ready services to accelerate onboarding & growth.
Enterprise Readiness
Upgrade compliance operational agility, cost savings, security.
QA Engineering, Test Automation
Smart automation aligns requirements with reliable releases.
Cloud Native Upgrade
Migrate to modular, microservices, secure scalable data platform
Customer Success Engineering
Streamline B2B onboarding with deep tech integration support.
24×7 DevOps Support
Infra support ensures faster, more reliable product delivery.

Accelerance Certified

Top Technology Services Company in Europe

with proven experience in serving US technology-driven businesses.

Powered by UpTeam Talent Platform

Our robust platform streamlines and simplifies the rapid setup and management of agile development teams.  

Open to all our customers & partners.

Resource Planning & Team Roster Tools

Pre-set team charter for 20+ app dev, data, and infrastructure projects based on prior successful engagements

10K Pre-screened Software Professionals
Automated HackerRank®-powered tests, including live coding and pair-programming exercises
Team and Project Management Tools

Timesheets, L&D plans, professional development goals, plus continuous testing and certifications to grow collective team expertise 

On-site or hybrid model centered around our Dev Centers in Romania, Serbia & Montenegro.
Our TalentOps team identifies and maintains contact with developers who have prior experience working with US/UK companies as well as up-to-date cloud expertise. 

Start Building your team.

More Info on UpTeam.com (CloudGeometry TalentOps division)