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Full Stack Cloud Infrastructure Development Services – from migration to optimization to acceleration

DevOps as a Service

01. Lifecycle Managed Services: Well‑Architected, Scale-ready

Attain and maintain the top-tier dependability and cloud-native resilience your customers expect.

CloudGeometry’s AWS-certified experts tailor & execute a phased plan to ensure your cloud platform operates with the reliability, security, and performance of best-in-class managed services.

Managed Services
Packaged Services
Complete AWS Well-Architected Review

Rank your cloud against millions of other workloads. Zero in on which risks matter now and which to plan for later

Packaged Services
Streamlining for Scale

Up-leveling your cloud infrastructure so you can meet/exceed the top technical and commercial standards of your industry.

Packaged Services
Standardizing & Stabilizing

Top-to-bottom expert assessment for a prioritized roadmap to remediate risk areas, detail gap analysis, and make cost/benefit tradeoffs

Packaged Services
Systematic Support

A choice of service levels based on demands of your cloud and your business, track and respond to ongoing change with up to 24/7 support

02. Customer Success Engineering

Accelerate early-stage adoption of your B2B platform to interoperate seamlessly with big enterprise systems and data sources.

We’ll streamline technical onboarding to help convert first customers into referenceable wins faster, and drive platform integration and customization for your lighthouse accounts.

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Packaged Services
Customize deployment of your platform

Ramp up new customer engagements and pre-sales without being constrained by existing developer bandwidth

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DevOps SLA for technical customer operations

Integrated management of customer-facing deployment, release management and production reliability.

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Sustainable Professional Services

Agile technical project management that accelerates your growth and fits seamlessly with your core dev processes

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Closed-loop Dev Team Feedback

Leverage fixes/features faster within your release process; close operational/technical gaps in real-world enterprise deployment

03. SaaS Acceleration End to End

Count on Cloudgeometry’s proven SaaS know-how and best practices expertise to help add new B2B SaaS features and customers faster.

As AWS SaaS Competency and Advanced Consulting partners, we keep your platform sustainable and well-architected – at MVP, as you ramp for growth, and on to scale-out enterprise adoption.

Packaged Services
Packaged Services
Upgrade & Modernize to Enterprise-ready SaaS

Level up to full-stack multi-tenancy, SaaS security, compliance – always be ready for larger, more demanding customers

Cloud Migration Services
Launch Ready MVP: Built-for-SaaS Kickstart

Release new features faster via modular, versatile front-end – built and run on secure back-end data, scalable service infrastructure

Packaged Services
Out-of-the-box SaaS Migration Jumpstart

Unlock the power of the SaaS business model, to better measure and monetize the features & benefits your product already offers.

04. Cloud Engineering & Operations problems, solved

With great opportunity comes the risk of greater complexity. CloudGeometry offers a full portfolio of managed software engineering services, to solve & support challenges every SaaS product offering faces.
CloudGeometry SaaS Experts can help you:

Build & Integrate

Packaged Services
Cross-platform App Design & Development
B2C, B2B, mobile, web, IoT, any-or-all of the above
Packaged Services
Cloud Platform Migration
Move to a full modern stack, save real money
Packaged Services
Marketplace as a Service
Publish on leading B2B platforms your customers already rely on

Run Cloud Right

Packaged Services
Cloud Spend Optimization
Track costs, eliminate waste, stay on top of cloud ROI
Packaged Services
DevOps as a Service
Faster, more reliable product delivery & execution
Packaged Services
24 × 7 Monitoring, Security & Compliance
Full-stack integrity & control of cloud—simplified

Leverage Data

Packaged Services
AWS Database Migration
Price/performance, reliability, security, flexibility
Packaged Services
Data Engineering Operations
For data engineering, data quality & DataOps needs
Packaged Services
Data Integration Services
Power the full range of your analytic workloads
Packaged Services
Analytics & Data Science Pipelines
Accelerate exploration, discovery & modeling

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