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Platform Blueprints

Fast, frequent, and repeatable.

Integrated CI/CD automation for frictionless, agile business innovation.

CloudGeometry CI/CD provides an integrated solution for development, deployment, release management and production operations.

Gets features into production

Quickly & predictably to make the most effective use of cloud


Across multiple teams and build/release cycles

Consistent, reliable speed-up

across Dev, Test, and QA; no additional tools to buy

The Problem

What is cloud software doing to make software development faster?

Business needs speed. Every day, you rely more on integrating hundreds of data sources and third parties. Across the planet, DevOps teams are scrambling to put technology pieces together. What makes it hard?

New Features take too long

Technical gridlock and bogged-down release cycles are keeping new ideas out the hands of your customers.

Questionable quality

Production readiness struggles with multiple software components; security, quality and compliance seem out of reach.

Unclear ownership

Distributed teams bog down in finger-pointing, wasting hours in meetings sorting out gaps and overlaps.

The Solution

At CloudGeometry, we think there’s a better way

We’ve designed an integrated DevOps solution for development, deployment, release management, and production operations, built with open source software.

It’s even multi-cloud.

Our goal is to transform your DevOps wishlist — to get you off the whiteboard and on to fast, frequent, and repeatable CI/CD. It’s backed by proven expertise in cloud-driven IT. Now, you can turn up the volume to run reliably, and securely, and at lower cost.

Your best new code, always stable and deployment ready.

Key Features

Always deployment ready

All elements of the service catalog are correctly configured by default, by provisioning consistently at both infrastructure level and application level

Robust, declarative, human readable; prevents gaps caused by configuration drift, multi-language scripting and fragmented deployment

Automation drives transparent closed-loop rollout/rollback, easily configured. Ensures lifecycle compatibility with data center, cloud and hybrid environments

Actively launch and execute testing, across systems and/or processes, in an environment identical to production — at the touch of a button

Translates self-documenting deployment assets into pre-validated configs, to keep infrastructure anchored in a persisted “single-source of truth”

Guarantee the same changes tested on DEV are proven in QA and applied to PROD. Same DB changes, same app changes, in the same order, byte to byte, query by query

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How we do it

As a consulting organization with a constant influx of new projects, quick rollout of a CI/CD pipeline is crucial to successful business operations. This solution gives us the stability we need to customize and extend feature release pipelines, across layers with different programming languages and project requirements.
Daniil Yaroslavtsev
DevOps Lead, CloudGeometry

Make development teams productive from Day One

Our CI/CD solution features a Jenkins based pipeline, and provides a project foundation and policy-driven process discipline, right out of the box. It anchors all artifacts, both for operations and for software development, in a single well-structured repository.

Easy integration with existing processes

Designed to be modular, our CI/CD pipeline makes it easy for you to configure, tune or swap out. The solution is built with mature open source components that integrate well with many other popular workflows, well-suited to on-premises, cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Code Analysis

Automatically identify new static analysis issues, code coverage, code duplication and code complexity evolution in every commit and pull request.

Codacy, Checkstyle, PMD, Sonar, Pylint

Continuous Artifact Delivery

Work from deployment-ready immutable packages and containers; once built and tested, all deploy artifacts become ‘immutable’. Any updates to code triggers an update to the artifact, as well as a full re-validation cycle.

Docker Images, AWS AMIs, JAR/ZIP Archives, Volume Snapshots

Unit Testing

Integrated frameworks for automated unit testing for every programming language.

JUnit, NUnit, Cucumber, TestNG, Scalatest

Test Environment

Automated deployment to test environment.

Code Security Checks

All security checks & scans happen before the code goes to production.

Automation helps prevent developer errors, such as merging code with known weaknesses, use of dated vulnerable third-party libraries, or deploying exploitable code

Automated Testing

All checks are completely automated. The only manual actions in are ‘human decision/approve’ prompts.

Acceptance tests, functional tests, performance tests, load and stress tests, integration tests, UI and mobile device tests, security tests

Code Coverage Checks

Shows which parts of your code are being exercised by tests, and which are not.

Coverage.py, Atlassian Clover, JaCoCo

Release Ready

Signing makes all artifacts release-ready.

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