Accelerate features that customers value – up and down your stack, from data multi-tenancy to onboarding, UX, security and DevOps – that your business depends on to grow

Harness scale and automation

Proven, battle-tested approach to design and engineer complete SaaS systems

Operationalize data science

Transparent technology roadmap aligned to deliver killer features to customers faster

Quickly build data pipelines

End-to-end analytics from billing to monitoring to self-service dashboards


SaaS was supposed to simplify. Why is it that SaaS platform architecture always seems to do the opposite?

Product managers keep new features ideas coming, but technical roadblocks to scale, availability, and agility just keep piling up. How do you avoid the wrong architecture bets while your SaaS business grows and changes?

New features for real customers take too long

The MVP architecture built for speed at launch? Now it’s slowing you down while costs go up

Can different clients see each other’s data?

Oops. Shared services should be stateless & secure, but leveraging the same DB creates tempting shortcuts

Too much customization, not enough automation

Core platform R&D is drowning in one-off fixes from multiple client engagement engineering and support teams


At CloudGeometry, we think there’s a better way

As your B2B SaaS customers find new ways to profit, and you add new customers, rely on CloudGeometry’s Multi-tenancy Architecture. We’ll help you keep software development and technical operations aligned and executing on your product vision, with the latest best-practices recommended by AWS Solution Architects in the AWS SaaS Factory and the Five Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Our SaaS Multi-tenancy Architecture model works for both startups and corporate innovators. We’ve proven it dozens of market sectors, data models, and application stacks. Wherever you are in the maturity of your platform architecture, we’ll help you adopt best practices that work with EC2, ECS/EKS, Lambda serverless and data models from OpenSource, S3, Redshift, and more. Our experts help you build and ramp the critical capabilities you need to stay ahead of both internal technical debt and external competitors and stay on the fast track to growth.

Key Architecture Features

Robust & Flexible Tenant/User Isolation

  • Optimize tenant isolation without sacrificing scale

    Unlock economics of bottom-up network, compute, and storage infrastructure for both tenant-specific and core platform services

  • Multi-tier user identity management

    Centralize and federate users/groups/tenants with granular rights and privileges, designed to a least-privileges access model

  • Data powered by customizable dashboards

    Feed user/customer appetites to solve business problems faster with secure, high-quality, always-on data

  • Secure data access

    Integrated mapping of applications/datastores across infrastructure and geographies in support of CCPA and GDPR

  • Data engineered for secure multi-tenancy

    Evolve from RDBMS-centric generalized roles to fine-grained customer-focused, identity-based compute and storage service levels

Unified Platform Services

  • Structured layers & APIs to avoid snowflake configs

    Clearly split common core vs. tenant-specific features; simplify deployment supporting hundreds of tenants & millions of users

  • SaaS platform refactoring and migration

    Assess, profile, build, test and launch key microservices to drain technical debt and accelerate new features and user options

  • Operations management via tenant-aware logging, metering, and analytics

    Stay on top of resource consumption trends to optimize utilization vs performance and make cost throttling easier

  • Client configuration consoles

    Enable both customers and platform operators via fine-grained tenant- and user-specific tagging and controls, for both business and technical optimizations

  • Extensible billing, metering, resource tracking

    Seamless visibility & consolidated attribution deepens traceability for both feature ROI and customer operations

Accelerated Agile Feature Development

  • Serverless apps

    Functions-as-a-Service add/adapt new features faster, evolve your architecture throgh a cloud-native technology stack

  • Closed-loop product management feedback

    Accelerate feature planning; product backlog integrates both architecture capabilities and production operations

  • CI/CD Development Automation

    Streamline across multiple teams and build/release cycles for consistent, reliable speed-up across Dev, Test, and QA

How We Do It

No two SaaS business models are the same, but we’ve seen of dozens of B2B client facing the same reality. What starts with pivots and new opportunities turns into Frankencloud, where every customer enhancement request turns into a headache for the platform team, and that team comes to us for help when they can’t onboard clients. Of course, the best case is a robust multi-tenancy platform buildout from the very beginning; we have the experience and expertise to get it done. That experience and expertise came from those B2B clients whom we helped re-architect and refactor databases, Security, analytics, microservices and more — turning platform success into customer growth and profitability

Alex Ulyanov CTO, CloudGeometry

Clients who have benefited from our solutions

Development Partner Client A&E
Development Partner Client Thinfilm
Development Partner Client GE Digital
Development Partner Client Adobe
Development Partner Client Gali Health
Development Partner Client Nurego
Development Partner Client CaaStle
Development Partner Client GAP
Development Partner Client Urban Outfitters
Development Partner Client American Eagle
Development Partner Client Ann Taylor
Development Partner Client New York & Company
Development Partner Client Express
Development Partner Client Rebecca Taylor
Development Partner Client Gwynnie Bee
Development Partner Client Zypmedia
Development Partner Client GlobeIn
Development Partner Client Krypton
Development Partner Client Amdocs
Development Partner Client Culver
Development Partner Client SeaWorld
Development Partner Client Playphone
Development Partner Client Neurotech ADHD Solutions
Development Partner Client
Development Partner Client Imantics

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