CloudGeometry simplifies full-stack integrity and control – so you can trust the cost, security, performance, and uptime of your cloud platform

Automatically test and fix compliance to enforce policies and meet standards for GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and more

Sharpen security to expose latent violations and vulnerabilities, before threats translate into impact

Comprehensive monitoring to drive integrated, frictionless view of multi-cloud performance and uptime


Versatility in cloud development and deployment can quickly strain your organization’s ability to keep control of it all.

As feature velocity speeds up more instances, services, and resources get spun up, are you going to be ready for the risks?

Defensible Security

Configuring services across environments creates monitoring gaps and a bigger attack surface

Fragmented ownership

Independent teams move faster, but can breed complexity and expose holes in accountability – fracturing compliance

Resource ROI Oversight

Connecting the dots between spending and accountability makes it hard to see how costs add up to the right results


At CloudGeometry, we think there’s a better way

Monitoring Security & Compliance with CloudGeometry unifies the breadth and depth of cloud operations. It simplifies and streamlines the deep visibility that your IT, finance, and security teams rely on to get their jobs done.

Automated reporting, alerting, analytics, and remediation with CloudGeometry make it easier to stop misallocated spending, avert compliance risk, and plug security holes — all without slowing down your cloud engineering operations

Monitoring Security & Compliance: Key Features

  • Multi-Cloud Support

    Unified monitoring, security and compliance solution and analytics for all your cloud installations: AWS, Azure, GCP

  • Continuous Compliance

    Ensure fulfillment of PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and 50+ other major compliance frameworks. Provide automated reports and keeps your system audit-ready

  • 24/7 Security Watch

    Continuous scan of all access points with 500+ industry-standard Best Practice checks. Checks database is updated with newly discovered threats

  • Spend Optimization

    Pinpoint wasted or underused resources. Demystify complex cloud bills. Leverage predictive analytics for the largest possible savings

  • Rationalize Access Management

    Track/manage user permissions end-to-end; automate security mapping/grouping for networks, hosts, applications

  • Resource Allocation

    Continuously compare planned vs. actual utilization across all critical operational statistics. Instantly identify opportunities to rightsize compute instances

  • Optimize Capacity

    Predictive analytics, purchasing recommendations to throttle hosted services, including the use of spot vs reserved instances for tighter cost control

  • End-To-End Transparency

    Top down/bottom up granular analytics for your entire public cloud deployment. Configurable dashboard, summary, reports, heat map views

  • Aggregate Metrics

    View data from all your cloud services, assets, resources, and instances in one place; constantly compare and optimize end-to-end usage and cost

How We Do It

We constantly upgrade our monitoring systems and security checks to ensure the stability and security of our clients’ systems. We have also uncovered savings for every cloud installation we have evaluated of at least 20%.

Daniil Yaroslavtsev,
DevOps Lead

Cloud-native and external monitoring tools

CloudGeometry Monitoring is built on top of industry-leading cloud tools including CloudWatch and CloudCheckr. We constantly extend and update capabilities, to ensure complete coverage and security for every system we monitor – and add custom modules to extend application-level coverage.

24/7 NOC and Expert DevOps team

Our Cloud Operations team is both well trained to manage incidents, and also mentored by our DevOps and Cloud Architects so they become skilled experts in the systems and businesses we monitor. Our goal is 100% uptime for every client’s systems and technology environments.

Proactive, predictive operational resilience

End-to-end analytics and insights

 Log Intelligence

Collects and store logs from all your resources in near real-time, including AWS service logs and application custom logs. Run built-in and custom metrics to identify problems earlier.

AWS CloudTrail, VPC Flow, Azure Security & Audit, ELK and EHK Stacks, Fluentd, Splunk

 Automated Intelligent Alarms 

Monitored data review with known patterns library helps to detect upcoming problems

VictorOps, PagerDuty, CloudWatch, Elastalert, OpsGenie, Papertrail, Sentry

Response Automation

Define automated actions to handle alarms or resolve problems using cloud native and custom tools

Auto-scaling, SNS, Lambda, Fargate, StackStorm

 Richer, Deeper Insight

Native integration with 50+ AWS services providing detailed metrics with finest granularity available.

EC2, S3, RDS, ECS, Lambda, API Gateway, AWS Config

 Unified Operational Dashboard

Reusable and custom-built graphs unify visual analytics for cloud resources and applications. System-wide view of operational health makes troubleshooting easier and cuts resolution time

Kibana, Grafana, Icinga2

 Customizable Analytics Interface

Perform calculations across multiple metrics for real-time analysis

MetricMath, GetMetricData API, math functions including anomaly detection, derivatives and percentiles

Compliance and audit-readiness for 50+ regulatory standards


Center for Internet Security

DHS CDM Program


FY15 FISMA Metrics

ISO 27002-2013

ITIL 2011 KPIs

SEC OCIE Audit Guide for AWS


IRS Pub1075



NSA Top 10

NIST 800-171

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Clients who have benefited from our solutions

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Development Partner Client Thinfilm
Development Partner Client GE Digital
Development Partner Client Adobe
Development Partner Client Gali Health
Development Partner Client Nurego
Development Partner Client CaaStle
Development Partner Client GAP
Development Partner Client Urban Outfitters
Development Partner Client American Eagle
Development Partner Client Ann Taylor
Development Partner Client New York & Company
Development Partner Client Express
Development Partner Client Rebecca Taylor
Development Partner Client Gwynnie Bee
Development Partner Client Zypmedia
Development Partner Client GlobeIn
Development Partner Client Krypton
Development Partner Client Amdocs
Development Partner Client Culver
Development Partner Client SeaWorld
Development Partner Client Playphone
Development Partner Client Neurotech ADHD Solutions
Development Partner Client
Development Partner Client Imantics

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