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Google Workspace Marketplace – G Suite

List your SaaS app in the world’s fastest-growing B2B Marketplace

Integration, App Development, Support: Fast. Reliable. Complete.

CloudGeometry’s Marketplace as a Service provides full Google Workspace Marketplace – G Suite integration, customization, publishing, and release support, delivered via well-defined service packages with guaranteed results.


Demo, Try & Buy −Simplified

One-button install, integrated subscription management

Publishing Operations

Beta programs, submissions, support, reviews, discoverability


Comprehensive QA & Testing

Be sure your app works for all types of users across Workspace Marketplace variations

Customize to match G Suite UX

Better leverage B2B APIs across your product roadmap

Google Workspace Marketplace Integration: fast, reliable, complete

Your B2B SaaS App, ready for all Google Workspace Marketplace – G Suite users
Seamless publishing, onboarding, trials, updates, billing
Continuous automated support & compliance w/latest G Suite API changes

Tap into the heart of critical work processes relied on by 6,000,000+ businesses worldwide who use Google Workspace Marketplace – G Suite. Break down barriers to getting started with your services for any G Suite user!

Demo / Try / Buy Simplified

Optimize single user experience to ensure your trial version success
Add a smart interactive demo app any Google Workspace Marketplace – G Suite user or admin can test drive
Integrated billing converts your app listing directly into paid subscriptions faster

Empower more new users with CloudGeometry MarketPlace as a Service. Make it easier for Google Workspace Marketplace – G Suite Domain Admins to configure, setup, and push organization-wide adoption of your SaaS app.

Publishing & Release Operations

We handle release management, publishing, tech support & user reviews
Stay compliant with ever-changing APIs and marketplace requirements
Targeted discoverability, backed by qualified user reviews

Testing across tiers & configurations

Comprehensive validation across Google Workspace Marketplace – G Suite tiers & related apps;
Integrated automated tests into your CI/CD pipeline for new releases;
Manual testing of real-world use cases by G Suite & subject matter experts

Customize to match
Native UX

Our application design and development team are experts in both SaaS platform infra and full-stack app architecture
Streamline timely product release into Google Workspace Marketplace – G Suite without burdening your core engineering team
Assess your application roadmap to get maximum leverage across multiple B2B Marketplace APIs
Support Operations New App Integration Development Done-for-you Managed Marketplaces
Publishing, Compliance, Release Operations
Integration Assessment & Roadmap Evaluation
Monitoring, API changes, Compliance
Cross-config Testing (with all possible gSuite++ tiers)
Review Tracking & Moderation (+new good reviews)
App UX/UI Design & API integration
App Development & Testing
Multi user & individual Account Test Install
Continuous Upgrades with your new feature releases
Automated Test planning & execution
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