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Cloud Problems: Solved

When business relies on both software and uptime.

Complexity, urgency, timeliness: how do you solve for all three – and still get compelling new features out the door?

CloudGeometry Devops as a Service helps technology companies build their way to faster, more reliable product delivery and execution. Our proven execution model ensures you have all the ingredients you need to ensure cloud operations deliver top- and bottom-line business results.

Automation and testing

to lock in quality, security, and continuous production readiness

Deployment via cloud‑native tools

drives scalability and flexibility for better new features faster

Operations monitoring 24×7

for uptime, durability, and business continuity

How it works

DevOps can unlock huge benefits. But you can’t just flip a switch, whether you’re a “digital-first” business or not.

At CloudGeometry, we give you well-integrated tools and processes, and clear the obstacles facing your skilled IT and dev teams.

It’s the support you to need to continuously optimize your data-driven and cloud-based products and services.

1. Complete Visibility
Make your application stack more secure and easier to monitor with cloud; close service level gaps and zero in on 100% uptime
2. Continuous infra improvement
Align infrastructure efficiencies with fixes to both home-grown and commercial apps, as automation and testability streamlines release cycles
3. App Lifecycle Integration
Integrated development readiness helps simplify application innovation with built-in performance measurement, scalability, and resource management
4. Become Cloud-driven
Evolve application development using cloud-based services like AWS Lambda, so you can rely on pipeline automation for smoother infrastructure provisioning
5. Reach Cloud Native
Adopt microservices to ease the pain of continuous application changes, containerized for transparency and optimized for resource flexibility

Connect the dots with CloudGeometry.