Continuous support and improvement for your data pipeline

One-stop support and resolution for your data engineering, data quality and DevOps needs.

When data changes drive business changes, data integration and processing have to keep up. Analysts want new connections between sources; data scientists constantly experiment with new datasets; business leaders need actionable drill-down to insights faster. Data Engineering Operations from CloudGeometry helps you get it done.

Onboarding & Integration
Add new data sources — create new data sets on-demand
Continuous configuration
Cleansing & transformation to keep your data flow fresh
24/7 monitoring
Guarantee data quality, performance and continuity

How it works

CloudGeometry provides a team of experienced data engineers, DevOps, and data quality analysts — 24×7, through our global DNOC Data Network Operations Center.

Data scientists and analysts can now get more done: just open a new Jira ticket or send a Slack request. It’s backed with proactive monitoring so your data can always meet your goals for cost-effectiveness, performance, reliability, and security.

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  • CI/CD Setup
  • CI/CD Automation
  • Monitoring
  • Log Aggregation
  • Auto-scale Setup
  • Zero-Downtime Updates
  • Security Access Setup
  • Security Audit
  • Cloud Resource Usage Optimization
  • System Performance Optimization
  • 24/7 Support SLA
Handle data in any shape, curve, angle, and size?
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