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Cloud Engineering & Operations

Streamline onboarding. Convert your first customers into referenceable wins faster.

Platform integration and customization for your lighthouse accounts.

Accelerate early-stage adoption of your B2B platform
to interoperate seamlessly with enterprise systems and data sources.

Customized SaaS & platform deployment

Tie in data sources, compliance and security

Closed-loop Dev Team Feedback

Leverages fixes/features faster within your release process

Sustainable Professional Services

Agile project management to accelerate your growth

The Problem

Accelerating early-stage adoption of your B2B platform demands seamless 
interoperation with enterprise systems & data sources.

Every customer has unique expectations & needs

They demand customized integrations with existing systems, training for their staff, and live call support.

Your source platform technology is a moving target

Customer-facing resources must have proven technical depth to fit your framework of agile builds and workflows.

Docs & APIs may not be always ready for prime time

Early adopters need high-touch engineering attention — but you don’t have enough engineers.

The Solution

At CloudGeometry, we think there’s a better way

CloudGeometry Customer Success Engineering Services specializes in closing operational and technical gaps between your platform and real-world enterprise deployment. We blend the coding depth and agile work style of your core software team with technical project management and customer hand-holding.

Keep your best engineers and your customers happy.

Key Benefits

Jumpstart Customer Success

Ideally suited for your early adopters whose expectations can overwhelm customer success associates or help desk support.

Hands-on experience building out early-stage B2B SaaS startups and platforms.

Been-there-done-that, bridging gaps between your evolving codebase and the high expectations of your enterprise customers: compliance, security, and more

Once the customer is happy, up and running, we deliver continuous support for onboarding, training, frontline escalations, new releases and upgrades to keep them happy.

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How we do it

When you are in an early-stage startup, the race is on to move fast and break things — without breaking your customer’s things. Like it or not, your core engineering team is the critical path for revenue growth.

You need someone to close the gap between what you need to sell, what enterprise customers want to buy and what your product can do. And you have to make sure that every iteration of new features delivers net benefits.

Our Customer Success Engineering Services practice has grown out of hard-won victories for our B2B SaaS platform clients who needed to feed their customers’ appetites for rapid ramp-up and integration. It ensures that each successive customer win builds on the success of your previous deployments.

Michael Philip
CEO, CloudGeometry

Key Technical Features ∙ Customer Success Engineering

Agile update & release management

Rapidly accelerate build and infrastructure-as-code pipeline CI/CD Automation.

Expert Software Engineering

Ramp up new customer engagements & sales without being constrained by developer bandwidth.

DevOps support 24/7/365

Manage set-up, support and maintenance of customer production environments to deflect and minimize escalations.

Structured feedback for core product engineering

High-fidelity performance and config insights for improved technical architecture decision-making.

DevOps SLA for technical customer operations

Integrated management of customer-facing deployment, release management and production reliability.

Better referenceability for sales & product marketing

Capture use cases, product differentiators to support go-to-market without burdening customer champions.

Build out developer & partner network

Broaden your platform ecosystem with complementary 3d party and open source technologies.

Training, delivery and deployment expansion

Implementation planning and infra provisioning for AWS, Azure, GCP, Hybrid and Private Cloud.

Issue documentation and backlog management

Structured customer feedback to support replicable test cases and validations.

Optimize capacity & resource allocation

Continuously track all critical operational statistics, customer activity, and cost control.

Compliance, credentials, certification standards

Track / log / manage security and identity end-to-end; automate deployment across networks, hosts, applications globally.

Data / Analytics integration product extensions

Boost customer value with features to improve data utilization and transparency of your product ROI.

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