CloudGeometry Managed Cloud Migration Services gives you a step-by-step approach to cloud adoption. We help you to get up to speed with the industry, integrate with new partners and be ready for new business opportunities.

CloudGeometry—Scope, design, build out, and test, from first to continuous deployments

Manage migration risk with a well-structured cloud readiness roadmap

CloudGeometry—Zeroing in on improving operational transparency and resilience

Deploy apps, systems and data to AWS with no downtime

CloudGeometry—Right-sized Devops tooling to unlock cloud native platform power

Optimize DevOps tooling to unlock cloud native platform power

How it works

With Cloud Migration Services from CloudGeometry, you get the hands-on guidance you need to move systems to AWS with no downtime. Our certified cloud experts deliver a proven set of tools, processes and checklists to execute a seamless transition. And with so many choices about how, when (and if) to upgrade legacy systems, we’ll help you pick from the latest AWS native technologies for sustained acceleration of cloud operations.


Work with a team of DevOps, Software Architects and Product Managers. Evaluate the entire system from multiple perspectives: infrastructure, administrative, traffic load and user experience


Complete a step-by-step migration plan, choosing the right AWS tools, updating the runbooks and ensuring your personnel readiness to operate the new cloud system


Using proven processes and AWS native tools to migrate systems, integrate your CI/CD pipelines and set 24×7 monitoring for performance, security, compliance and capacity


Start saving and improve performance, flexibility and utilization. Move from costly 3rd party licenses to AWS native stack services such as RDS/Aurora, Redshift, Autoscaling, and more

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Bekitzur—Amazon Partner Network Consulting Partner

CloudGeometry is a certified AWS Consulting Partner and expert in legacy systems migrations to AWS.

Free Database Migration

Move your SQL database to AWS RDS with CloudGeometry

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