Industrial and Commercial Machinery


DevOps, SaaS, analytics, data pipelines


KryptonCloud (acquired by Splunk)

Improving utilization of capital-intensive industrial assets requires timely, accurate information on operating conditions and the state of the machinery itself. Can IoT provide more timely, accurate insights?

Consolidating data across modern and legacy application sources helps unify processes for wide-ranging asset management functions across multiple sites. CloudGeometry created a scalable cloud-native architecture deployed on  AWS, providing a searchable end-to-end view of operations. By taking full advantage of up-to-date data about environmental parameters, customers benefit by shifts from reactive to condition-based maintenance. That means better asset availability, avoiding unnecessary maintenance, and continued reduced costs.

  • Continuous integration using DevOps model to test and deploy closed-loop Machine Learning
  • Real-time data processing on scalable AWS infrastructure
  • Distributed microservices architecture for unified reporting and automated rules applications

Sunpower selects asset intelligence platform to manage 700 power plants.