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Origami Logic

The data-driven world of online ads and promotions is fast-changing, fragmented and ultra-competitive. Origami Logic provides real-time insights into the ROI of digital marketing campaigns for media agencies and the global brands who pay for them. Origami’s interactive dashboards speed and simplify the detailed performance analytics give marketers the power to optimize campaign ROI and make the most of budgets by eliminating wasteful spending.

The Challenge. Distinguishing signal from noise in ad spending is a huge data headache for marketers. The data sources are constantly changing because Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google are constantly changing the mix of ad/audience interfaces. High-speed bidding signals across a deep web of agencies complicate data analytics even further. Continuous transformation of data by Origami into unified campaign performance dashboards across brands, brokers, and media required a nimble, end-to-end approach.

The Solution. CloudGeometry provided Origami a stable, predictable, end-to-end data integration infrastructure to create, test, and deploy new data flows. Thanks to its microservices architecture, Origami was no longer constrained by a conventional data platform strategy, moving instead to an agile data pipeline fabric better suited to the analytic velocity of broad-spectrum AdTech data. Business analysts and data scientists alike benefited from dozens of ready-to-go connectors preconfigured for popular APIs and data feeds
. Versatile data quality rules and alerts ensured the robustness and consistency feeding dataflows to downstream analytic processes.

A key success factor in achieving cost-effective operations without sacrificing performance was Amazon S3 data storage. It could retain data in its raw or original format, applying these streams in an endless variety of use cases. AWS Athena provided industry-standard SQL access data access and manipulation right off of S3 buckets. The versatility of Athena also made it easier to build machine learning (ML) models, unearthing campaign optimization opportunities from the latest digital media feeds. Dashboards built with AWS QuickSight completed the picture with visual analytics.

The Benefits. Origami Logic provided its customers a deep and flexible data integration fabric that delivered continuous, reliable transparency across all dimensions of the marketing supply chain.

Assembly Line for Data

Drag-and-drop pipeline canvas to wire SaaS APIs, and Social Media feeds, IoT and more to AWS Aurora, RDS, Redshift, and Athena on S3

Continuous Incremental Change

Configure new data connectors with dozens of ready-to-go connectors preconfigured for popular APIs and data feeds

End-to-end Data Versatility

Flexible data topologies to flow data across many-to-many origins and destinations.