Growth-ready Multi-tenancy Architecture

Build and run SaaS on Foundations that scale

CloudGeometry SaaS Multi-tenancy Architecture provides the critical technology ingredients that scale for rapid growth and speeding time to market: secure data multi-tenancy, onboarding, UX, DevOps and more. We deliver proven SaaS expertise – with our experience across dozens of sectors, data models, and online service markets – anchored in the best-practices of the AWS SaaS Factory and the Five Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected framework.

  • Design and engineer complete SaaS systems
  • Align technology & feature to deliver to customers faster 
  • End-to-end analytics: monitoring, billing, custom dashboards 

Dataflow Integration Platform

Faster and More Productive Data Movement

Designed meet the dynamic demands of the modern data-driven business, the DataFlow Integration Platform by CloudGeometry provides a complete solution to data ingestion and delivery. It’s designed from the bottom up to meet the dynamic needs of demanding analytics and data science workloads.

  • Versatile dataflow management to orchestrate data movement across sources
  • Flexible blended data flows, both for real-time and scheduled ingestion
  • Auto-recovery from data problems delivers continuous data integrity

Integrated CI/CD Automation

Drive your software stack harder & faster to crank up feature innovation

CloudGeometry CI/CD Automation provides an integrated solution for development, deployment, release management and production operations. Built with mature open source components, it is equally well-suited to cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments, so you can get started right away.

  • Release into production reliably, quickly & predictably
  • Streamline execution across multiple teams and build/release cycles
  • Achieve faster, more complete consistency across your teams; no additional tools to buy
Bekitzur – State of art DevOps services acknowledged by dozens of clients. Dockerization, CI/CD setup and automation, auto scaling, zero downtime maintenance, security audit, cloud usage optimization, 24/7 support SLA and much more.
Cloud migration and data management by Bekitzur will help your business be more versatile, cost-effective, secure and integrated.

Data Science Pipeline

The foundation for frictionless data-driven business

CloudGeometry’s Data Science Pipeline gives you a pre-built, highly customizable framework designed for versatility. For businesses driven by industrial-strength analytics, it provides complete tooling and support to handle evolving data sets, from early phase exploration to ML modeling, operational AI and beyond.

  • Harness scale and automation to keep analytic professionals productive
  • Operationalize data science to provide sustainable strategic value
  • Quickly build data pipelines to solve business problems faster

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CloudGeometry is a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and cloud, apps, and systems migrations to AWS.

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