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ZypMedia gets an exclusive for online ads for the Sinclair Broadcast Group

ZypMedia gets an exclusive for online ads for the Sinclair Broadcast Group

June 9, 2015
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Bekizur is proud to announce that ZypMedia, a market-leading programmatic platform, acquired the exclusive rights for the digital advertisement for Sinclair Broadcast Group TV stations. The platform itself, as well as its dashboards and other solutions, were developed in partnership with Bekitzur.

ZypMedia CEO, Mark Goldman insists that the local-targeted programmatic ads are the future of the advertisement. He noted that larger ad platforms like DataXu or TubeMogul have been focused toward international expansion. Some networks, like Centro, do offer local ads — but, Goldman pointed out, his company won Sinclair’s business.

Working through a local TV station for on-air and online ad buys to the same audience — what Goldman calls “selling eyeballs on any device” — is simpler for the advertiser. It also means, of course, that ZypMedia has access to local stations’ sales forces; plus, the Sinclair deal adds that industry giant’s 2500+ salespeople. In markets where there is no TV station tie-in, ZypMedia will sell directly.

Bekitzur continues to help ZypMedia improve and support their platform to bring complex local-based programmatic ads to more clients.

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