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CloudGeometry now recognized as an AWS Solution Provider

CloudGeometry now recognized as an AWS Solution Provider

October 17, 2018
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Building on the successes we’ve been able to deliver to our clients using the power of the AWS platform, Bekitzur is pleased to become part of the Amazon Solution Provider Program. We’re pleased to offer a suite of managed services and solutions, through CloudGeometry, our Technical Services consultancy. We have broadened our formal AWS business and Technical Professional Accreditations, and certified key members of the Cloud Geometry team.

The Cloud Geometry Solutions portfolio now offers practices including:

  • CloudGeometry DevOps as a Service simplifies the virtuous cycle of apps-plus-infra. It’s operationally coherent, well tuned and always up-to-date, built to leverage the depth and breadth of AWS infrastructure and its powerful tooling.
  • CloudGeometry Managed AWS Database Migration Service cuts time and cost to land you on RDS and Aurora using the native power of the AWS data platform. Move to the industry’s leading cloud infrastructure, without compromising uptime and resilience.
  • CloudGeometry Cloud Migration Services helps up-level your cloud game before, during, and every day after migration. We deliver best-in-class cloud technologies — battle-hardened at scale, in dozens of successful engagements across industries — to scope, design, build out, and test, from first release to continuous deployments.
  • CloudGeometry Monitoring Security & Compliance unifies the breadth and depth of cloud operations. It simplifies and streamlines the deep visibility which your IT, finance, and security teams rely on to get their jobs done.
  • CloudGeometry CI/CD offers integrated CI/CD automation for frictionless, agile business innovation. It simplifies development, deployment, release management and production operations — all built with open source software. It’s even multi-cloud.

We got our start creating world-acclaimed products for Silicon Valley technology leaders. By trying all kinds of approaches and technologies (fashionable and otherwise), we know exactly what works — and what doesn’t. At CloudGeometry, we make sure you can deliver great results, at scale, through every curve and angle, at every point of your continuing cloud lifecycle.

There are many more ways CloudGeometry can unlock end-to-end acceleration in all dimensions of your cloud platform operations. We look forward to learning how we can help.