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The most interesting milestones and achievements from CloudGeometry and our clients

Bekitzur Inc Achieves Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner Status

Bekitzur Inc., the parent company of CloudGeometry, announced that it has been recognized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) as a Certified Advanced Consulting partner. In tandem, Bekitzur unveiled, its new expert consultancy focused on helping data-driven companies unleash the velocity and power of modern data-centric systems at scale. The new consultancy helps data scientists and advanced analytics practitioners be consistently more productive, so they can wring more experiments, discoveries, models, and insights from their data.

• December 20, 2018

Introducing, our new Data Engineering and Data Science Pipeline Practice

We’re excited to take the wraps off of, our new expert consultancy focused on helping data-driven companies. Our goal to make life easier for data scientists and advanced analytics practitioners to consistently let them be more productive

ElevationData • December 18, 2018

Gali Health Integrated Data Pipeline for Healthcare

ElevationData built and deployed a large-scale data integration pipeline on Amazon RDS and Redshift to power GaliHealth’s advanced personalized healthcare assistant. It’s a slick mobile app backed by a combination of advanced AI technology and the power to continuously process infinite amounts of chronic disease-related data.

ElevationData • December 12, 2018

CloudGeometry now recognized as an AWS Solution Provider

CloudGeometry (a Bekitzur company) offers a suite of managed services and solutions to accelerate all dimensions of cloud lifecycle and platform operations.

CloudGeometry • October 17, 2018

The hidden costs (and benefits) of cloud migration

Looking for a plan to simply “move to the cloud?” Might be time to rethink your plan. Here are 3 key reasons why how you move makes an even bigger difference than why.

Bekitzur • October 12, 2018

GE Digital Predix Scales out Data Integration in real time with AWS

Industrial scale data integration aggregates streaming IIoT data at scale, leveraging AWS-native microservices to drive analytics and digital business operations.

GE Digital • October 5, 2018

2018 Big for Political Advertising, over-the-top (OTT) Digital Video

Ad spend in this year’s midterms is up 50% over 2014. According to data from ZypMedia, the share OTT within of the digital marketing mix has nearly doubled, reaching 62%.

MediaPost • September 28, 2018

Introducing: CloudGeometry

By using AWS with CloudGeometry, you can focus on rapidly and reliably delivering new features and services to better serve your customers.

Bekitzur • August 31, 2018

KryptonCloud for IoT Enterprise Asset Management acquired by Splunk

Featuring an integrated searchable end-to-end view of industrial infrastructure, KryptonCloud operates a SaaS IIoT platform powered by CloudGeometry machine learning and real-time streaming driven by Kinesis on AWS.

KryptonCloud • July 31, 2018

Bekitzur Joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN)

Thanks to this new relationship, we will be able to do even more to build, deliver and operate successful cloud-based products and platforms for you.

Bekitzur • May 31, 2018

Gali Health: HIPAA-compliant, AI-driven collaboration between patients and providers yield better outcomes for chronic diseases

Gali’s platform, architected by CloudGeometry, delivers a HIPAA-compliant hybrid cloud – confidential, secure and scalable – designed from the bottom up with blockchain distributed ledger technology.

Gali Health • May 29, 2018

Blockchain on Hybrid Cloud at global scale

Combining NFC and blockchain in a multi-cloud environment ensures manufacturers, distributors, and brands can share info securely across AWS availability zones (AZs) anywhere on the planet.

ThinFilm NFC • May 15, 2018

Consolidating digital campaign from 100s of ad networks pinpoints marketing ROI

Origami Logic gives global brands precise real-time intelligence with sophisticated data ingestion pipelines that run on AWS, delivering continuous integration of hundreds of dynamic digital marketing feeds.

Origami Logic • January 30, 2018