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DevOps as a Service by CloudGeometry

A proven solution for

Enterprise cloud upgrades | Stable revenue-critical systems | Mid-to-late stage start-ups


“Our business relies on rock-solid, cost-efficient cloud infra that moves fast and just doesn’t break. The CloudGeometry DevOps-as-a-Service solution was the perfect complement to keep our talented developers productive and innovating for our customers – without missing a beat on security, compliance, and reliability”

Carolyn Maxwell, VP Product
Enterprise Fintech SaaS Startup

To take the stress out of
infrastructure upgrades & cloud operations

Let us show you how to
1. Standardize & Stabilize
Prioritized roadmap and detailed gap analysis + cost benefit trade-offs for risk areas. We highlight critical near-term fixes to current cloud and stack.
2. Streamline for Scale
Automation deployment and execute improvements to infrastructure design. Regular reports to show technical improvements and cloud native micro-services to fit your use cases.
3. Systematic DevOps Support
Track, maintain and upgrade cloud operational integrity. Plan ahead on continuous improvement in operational SLAs, security, reliability, cost-effectiveness and compliance.

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