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Secure, Data-driven, Mobile: AI Delivers Personalized Medicine

Secure, Data-driven, Mobile: AI Delivers Personalized Medicine

HIPAA-compliant, integrated platform creates collaboration between patients and providers to yield better outcomes for chronic diseases

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Personalized Medicine


Blockchain Distributed Ledger, secure HIPAA data at scale, hybrid cloud

For chronic disease sufferers – often already under medical care – data-driven personalized medicine provides a promising new application for tailored therapies and disease management. Today, the right combination of technology infrastructure, advanced AI technology and analytics provides the power to continuously process infinite amounts of chronic disease-related data.

The Challenge

Translating these sources and insights to make data relevant and timely can make collaboration faster and more productive for patient and scientific research communities alike. It’s a fortuitous bargain: each of these three communities can benefit from the value of each other’s data, each one as suited to its unique needs.

CloudGeometry built and deployed a coherent data architecture to data across sources to be harvested by machine learning models. We have built this out for Gali, an advanced personalized healthcare platform to provide tailored advice to people suffering from chronic disease. Assuring the flow of data to models ensures every single patient always gets the best data to better manage her disease.

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