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Platform Blueprints.

Accelerate Cloud with deployment-ready frameworks.

01. Build and run SaaS on Foundations that scale.

CloudGeometry SaaS Multi-tenancy Architecture provides the critical technology ingredients that scale for rapid growth and speeding time to market: secure data multi-tenancy, onboarding, UX, DevOps and more.

We deliver proven SaaS expertise — with our experience across dozens of sectors, data models, and online service markets — anchored in the best-practices of the AWS SaaS Factory and the Five Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected framework.

Dataflow Integration Platform 
Design and engineer

complete SaaS systems

End-to-end analytics

monitoring, billing, custom dashboards

Align technology

and feature to deliver to customers faster

02. Faster & More Productive Data Movement.

Designed meet the dynamic demands of the modern data-driven business, the DataFlow Integration Platform by CloudGeometry provides a complete solution to data ingestion and delivery. It’s designed from the bottom up to meet the dynamic needs of demanding analytics and data science workloads.

Multitenancy SaaS
Versatile dataflow management

to orchestrate data movement across sources

Auto-recovery from data problems

delivers continuous data integrity


Flexible blended data flows,

both for real-time and scheduled ingestion

Want to see how CloudGeometry’s multi-tenancy architecture speeds up development?
Check out our SaaS Platform Blueprint.

03. Drive your software stack harder & faster to crank up feature innovation.

CloudGeometry CI/CD Automation provides an integrated solution for development, deployment, release management and production operations. Built with mature open source components, it is equally well-suited to cloud-native and hybrid cloud environments, so you can get started right away.

Integrated CI/CD Automation

Integrated CI/CD Automation

Release into production

reliably, quickly & predictably

Achieve faster, more complete consistency

across your teams; no additional tools to buy

Streamline execution across multiple teams

and build/release cycles

04. The foundation for frictionless data-driven business.

CloudGeometry’s Data Science Pipeline gives you a pre-built, highly customizable framework designed for versatility. For businesses driven by industrial-strength analytics, it provides complete tooling and support to handle evolving data sets, from early phase exploration to ML modeling, operational AI and beyond.

B2B Customer Engineering
Harness scale & automation

to keep analytic professionals productive

Quickly build data pipelines

to solve business problems faster

Operationalize data science

to provide sustainable strategic value

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