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Bekitzur: Uplifting the discoverability of your app in the App Store with ASO

ASO: boosting the discoverability of your app

It’s no secret that mobile applications are rapidly moving to the front of the parade for application development. In fact, we often hear from product leadership at companies with a B2B or B2C SaaS offering… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: Using the best tools to measure and drive mobile user acquisition

Stop waiting for new users to find your SaaS app on Google Play and the App Store

Mobile apps and mobile user experience are critical success factors for SaaS platforms and applications. It’s definitely a smart move to put the power of a SaaS platform behind your mobile application, not least for… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: What is Scrum and how to use it in your development process: Scrum-master, Sprints, Backlog, Scrum Meetings, Burndown, Sprint Velocity and much more.

Using Scrum in the development process

At Bekitzur, we apply the Scrum framework across all our projects. A Scrum process is distinguished from other agile processes by specific concepts and practices, divided into the three categories of Roles, Artifacts, and Time… Continue Reading

What are batch layer, serving layer, and speed layer in Lambda Architecture used to build stream processing applications in near real-time data processing.

The “Lambda” Architecture for near real-time data processing

The Lambda Architecture is an approach to building stream processing applications on top of MapReduce and near real-time data processing systems. (more…) Continue Reading

5 reasons to start developing for IoT

5 reasons to start developing for IoT

Just as smartphones are being built with more and more sensors — for everything like movement, sound, temperature and touch — so the devices around your home will slowly begin to have the same. Soon,… Continue Reading

Creating a lean, mean requirements machine

Creating a lean, mean requirements machine

Agile requirements are a product owner's best friend. Product owners who don't use agile requirements get caught up with spec'ing out every detail to deliver the right software. (more…) Continue Reading

The best practices of building API for your SaaS

The best practices of building API for your SaaS

The smartest organizations have discovered a set of best practices to design powerful APIs that leverage existing services, to effectively manage those APIs throughout their lifecycle and to scale their deployment across consumers and devices.… Continue Reading