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Figuring out if Kubernetes on AWS (EKS) is right for you: Second of 2 posts

Infrastructure testing as a part of GDPR compliance according to OWASP & NCSC

By this time the swarm of emails related to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has slowed down since it first went into effect on 25 May 2018. From this date, non-compliance with the regulation may… Continue Reading

Figuring out if Kubernetes on AWS (EKS) is right for you: Second of 2 posts

GDPR Compliance by design

GDPR - it’s a new buzzword we keep hearing nowadays. While it was initially addressed towards big players like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn - it also affects small businesses. If you’ve had the chance to… Continue Reading

50 shades of grey, or how a web theme drives B2B SaaS product consistency

50 shades of grey, or how a web theme drives B2B SaaS product consistency

The boundaries are blurring between software-as-a-service and application design. It’s not just about the consistency in separation of the front end of the back end. For your SaaS platform the best practices for well structured code apply as much… Continue Reading

How Ethereum Smart Contracts work

How Ethereum Smart Contracts work

Blockchain is a technology of decentralized data storage that provides a high-security level and enables data manipulation occurred within the certain rules. This confidence is ensured by the fact that data array is stored at… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: The biggest challenges of Blogchain tech in 2017 – tokenization, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, etc

Blockchain’s next challenges

The first generation of blockchain applications, mainly Bitcoin derivatives, do not store real (non-cryptocurrency) data in the blockchain itself. Instead, they store hashes (digital fingerprint). These hashes represent digital assets on-chain. This way, the blockchain… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: Learn the best practices for managing the lifecycle of your API. From design and implementation to routine management and integration.

How to manage an API lifecycle

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to make decisions quickly; whether it’s a new marketing campaign, a new product enhancement, a new partner portal or an employee productivity app, businesses are competing on speed. What is needed is flexibility. And what better way to do this than… Continue Reading

The challenge of iPaaS point-to-point connection

iPaaS – the way to integrate modern cloud based solutions

Modern businesses are rapidly adapting cloud based services like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow. There are many companies that completely operate from the cloud, or more precise clouds. The benefits of cloud based platforms are clear. But,… Continue Reading

The biggest trends and challenges in SaaS integration

The biggest trends and challenges in SaaS integration

The benefits of SaaS for businesses are quite obvious. With SaaS software you can use everything through a web browser, there is no server room, mainframe, or desktop software to install. This is all seamlessly… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: The biggest changes in App Store Optimization coming with iOS 11 include new guidelines for titles, subtitles, descriptions, images, etc. Want to know more?

How App Store search optimization changes with release of iOS 11

A few months ago during WWDC Apple introduced the new iteration of its popular mobile operating system – iOS 11. Together with other updates and improvements, Apple made much-anticipated changes and redesigned App Store. That’s… Continue Reading

Tracking user behavior patterns in your app

Tracking user behavior patterns in your app

Tracking user experience and behavior patterns is very important to understand the needs of your users and thus improving your app. In this post we list the best tools and parameters to track user patterns… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: Organic and paid user acquisition channels for your mobile app

Mobile user acquisition strategy – the basics

Developing a good mobile app is not enough. It's not great until users are big on using it. This post will help you understand the basics of User Acquisition for mobile app. Here in Bekitzur… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: Uplifting the discoverability of your app in the App Store with ASO

ASO: boosting the discoverability of your app

It’s no secret that mobile applications are rapidly moving to the front of the parade for application development. In fact, we often hear from product leadership at companies with a B2B or B2C SaaS offering… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: Using the best tools to measure and drive mobile user acquisition

Stop waiting for new users to find your SaaS app on Google Play and the App Store

Mobile apps and mobile user experience are critical success factors for SaaS platforms and applications. It’s definitely a smart move to put the power of a SaaS platform behind your mobile application, not least for… Continue Reading