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Why better architected is better than Well-Architected

Are your cloud and application stack well architected? Probably not. And that’s OK.  Cloud architects inside Amazon originated the AWS Well-Architected Framework (aka "Well-Architected"), and announced it in 2015. It aspired to set guidelines and… Continue Reading

AWS Partner Network endorses CloudGeometry for Amazon Redshift customers (4th award in 4 months)

The AWS Partner Network (APN) has now certified CloudGeometry as a Designated Service Provider for Amazon Redshift, the fastest-growing cloud data Warehouse offering. This recognition is the fourth such award extended to CloudGeometry us in… Continue Reading

Bekitzur CloudGeometry is a Certified Service Provider for Lambda Services by AWS

CloudGeometry now a Certified Service Provider for Lambda Services by AWS 

Building our on successful collaboration with a broad spectrum of SaaS companies and corporate innovators, CloudGeometry now been recognized with a certification by AWS APN as a Designated Service Provider for AWS Lambda Services. This… Continue Reading

Enterprise SaaS Platform for Asset Management and Remote Operations

Almost any piece of industrial equipment today produces its own rich and steady stream of data. Digital diagnostics embedded in devices help with on-site troubleshooting when dispatching a trained local technician. But what about extending… Continue Reading

Bekitzur ElevationData Consultancy AWS Kinesis Service Designation

APN awards CloudGeometry Amazon Kinesis Service Designation for advanced data architectures

The AWS Partner Network (APN) has endorsed ElevationData, the Bekitzur company specializing in data engineering and data science pipelines, as a Designated Service Provider for Amazon Kinesis. This recognition follows the recent APN certification of… Continue Reading

AWS Partner Network Recognizes CloudGeometry as Certified Service Provider for Database Migration Services

We are proud to announce that the AWS Partner Network (APN) has certified us as a Designated Service Provider for AWS Database Migration Services. These AWS credentials are challenging to attain, and we’re proud to… Continue Reading

Beyond Big Data for Health Care with Data Science Pipelines

By now, the consensus view of Big Data is that bigger doesn’t translate into better. It’s a more subtle irony that in the face of bigger and faster data, data science is still vexingly difficult.… Continue Reading

From DevOps to DataOps

Modern software development runs at a faster pace than ever before. As cloud computing divides winners and losers in the data-driven marketplace, converging applications and their data with the infrastructure they run on makes more… Continue Reading

CloudGeometry is now an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

We’re excited to announce that CloudGeometry has been recognized by the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Certified Advanced Consulting partner! Achieving Advanced status required that we meet strict requirements that demonstrate our proven AWS expertise, technical proficiency, and effectiveness… Continue Reading

Introducing our new Data Engineering & Data Science Pipeline Practice Offerings

We’re excited to add new new expert consultancy offerings focused on helping data-driven companies unleash the velocity and power of modern data-centric systems at scale. Our goal for this practice is to make life easier… Continue Reading

Time-boxing across time zones: Agile with remote teams

Agile methodologies are now recognized as a structured way to work through ambiguous and complex software problems with evolving solution requirements. Practices such as sprints, backlogs, timeboxing, scrum, can be applied in a variety of… Continue Reading

When Kubernetes met Spark: what native Kubernetes support means for “big data” and data science

The recent news from Wall Street about the merger of two of the original “big data” companies, Cloudera and Hortonworks (now called “Cloudera”) made a lot of noise across the Big Tech Finance marketplace, certainly here in Silicon Valley. But… Continue Reading

Hands-on cloud lifecycle virtualization for hands-free automation

The good news about modern virtualization technologies like KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and containers (e.g., LXC) is that you get almost limitless options for spinup and teardown of clusters, machines, networks and so on. That’s also the bad… Continue Reading