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When Kubernetes met Spark: what native Kubernetes support means for “big data” and data science

The recent news from Wall Street about the merger of two of the original “big data” companies, Cloudera and Hortonworks (now called “Cloudera”) made a lot of noise across the Big Tech Finance marketplace, certainly here in Silicon Valley. But… Continue Reading

Ten things to know about Kubernetes on Amazon (EKS): First of 2 posts

(Note: This is part one of a two-part series on Amazon EKS; to see a more in-depth review and recommendations, see Part II: “Figuring out if Kubernetes on AWS (EKS) is right for you” .)… Continue Reading

Figuring out if Kubernetes on AWS (EKS) is right for you: Second of 2 posts

Note: This is part two of a two-part series on Amazon EKS. ICYMI, here's a comprehensive intro overview get ypou up top speed on EKS: “Ten things to know about Kubernetes on AWS”.) By this… Continue Reading

The Data Engineering Checklist for Data Science

What comes after Big Data? Bigger data. Demands on data scientists are growing even faster. They need to the resources and tools to make ever more effective use of their time. Expanding Data Engineering holds… Continue Reading

GDPR Compliance by design

GDPR - it’s a new buzzword we keep hearing nowadays. While it was initially addressed towards big players like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn - it also affects small businesses. If you’ve had the chance to… Continue Reading

The challenge of iPaaS point-to-point connection

iPaaS – the way to integrate modern cloud based solutions

Modern businesses are rapidly adapting cloud based services like Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow. There are many companies that completely operate from the cloud, or more precise clouds. The benefits of cloud based platforms are clear. But,… Continue Reading

Bekitzur: What is Scrum and how to use it in your development process: Scrum-master, Sprints, Backlog, Scrum Meetings, Burndown, Sprint Velocity and much more.

Using Scrum in the development process

At Bekitzur, we apply the Scrum framework across all our projects. A Scrum process is distinguished from other agile processes by specific concepts and practices, divided into the three categories of Roles, Artifacts, and Time… Continue Reading

What are batch layer, serving layer, and speed layer in Lambda Architecture used to build stream processing applications in near real-time data processing.

The “Lambda” Architecture for near real-time data processing

The Lambda Architecture is an approach to building stream processing applications on top of MapReduce and near real-time data processing systems. (more…) Continue Reading