Why better architected is better than Well-architected

Are your cloud and application stack well architected? Probably not. And that’s OK.  Cloud architects inside Amazon originated the AWS Well-Architected Framework (aka "Well-Architected"), and...

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Enterprise SaaS Platform for Asset Management and Remote Operations


The hype around IoT conjures images of machines that can talk to each other unassisted. True, digital diagnostics embedded in devices can help with on-site troubleshooting. We leveraged the AWS global cloud platform and its data services to extend to thousands of machines, each with its own unique data stream and operational logic. The key to achieving the potential of IoT was collecting, transforming and analyzing the data fast enough to make the investment in the assets connected with IoT pay off.

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When Kubernetes met Spark 2.3: what native Kubernetes support means for “big data” and data science


“Kubernetes as a Service” on AWS, aka EKS, has made Amazon the destination of choice for the leading container orchestration environment. This overview gives you the basics on the moving parts and how they work on the AWS stack.

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