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CloudGeometry delivers expert engineering and design for modern software product development. Our agile, team-driven approach gives you the right mix of compelling apps, smart infrastructure, and ready-to-use technology blueprints. You get sustainable product platform leverage that drives your business – from MVP to global rollout and all points in between – to keep you ahead of the curve.

About CloudGeometry

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Management team

Michael has built successful technology startups, and launched world acclaimed B2B and B2C products at big Silicon Valley companies. He founded BeKitzur to help other executives & entrepreneurs close the gap between their product vision and successfully building and running software product development.

Ezi brings over 20 years of proven success in software development, product and support for Israeli and Silicon Valley companies. He helped scale R&D groups to dozens of engineers in Israel and eastern europe, creating highly functional organizations. He is a ninja at lean and agile development. Ezi’s mantra is: when there is a will, there’s a way.

A distinguished system architect and hands-on engineering executive, Alex has built and run data solutions for systems as diverse as IoT, AdTec, SaaS and many others. Driven by both his passion for new technologies and by his experience proving how (and if) they work, he leads by example. He has designed and implemented many solutions and platforms, ranging start-up MVPs to large scale corporations including GE & Thinfilm Electronics. As company CTO, he ensures that all our projects and clients benefit from robust engineering processes and scalable architecture.

With 10+ years of experience leading efforts IT professionals recruiting and career development operations, Natalya works in close partnership with company clients and their HR teams to integrate best practices to build well-integrated global teams.

David is a Silicon Valley executive with several decades of experience driving product marketing and product management at companies innovating in IT and cloud infrastructure, analytics, and open source. He has led alliance and demand gen operations at multiple startups and large public companies.

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An Extended Team of DevOps and Software Development experts

Bekitzur Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CloudGeometry. By delivering complete highly-skilled distributed dev teams, Bekitzur gives you modern software engineering you need to power your product strategy: fast and easy-to-manage recruiting, site support, global tech ops, talent admin, community, benefits, compliance and more.