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About CloudGeometry
About CloudGeometry

CloudGeometry delivers expert engineering and design for modern software product development. Our agile, team-driven approach gives you the right mix of compelling apps, smart infrastructure, and ready-to-use technology blueprints. You get sustainable product platform leverage that drives your business – from MVP to global rollout and all points in between – to keep you ahead of the curve.

About CloudGeometry

For over a decade, we’ve worked with dozens of funded startups and corporate innovators, helping our clients ensure their software takes them to the next level.

  • Launching new products.
  • Rolling out new platforms.
  • Getting acquired.

We work every angle, focused on team-driven software development agility, across every dimension of technology success that your business needs.

How We Work

Expertise: reliable, proven, transparent

Get a direct line of sight at every step so you always see how we get there from here.

Well-rounded & easy
to work with

Plans change. Our teams are trained to handle any curve and every inflection point.

On-time, on-budget,

We are software-driven so that you can focus on being customer-driven.
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Management team

FounderMichael Philip
Michael Philip
Ezi Boteach
Ezi Boteach
Managing Partner
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Alex Ulyanov
Natalia Tolmacheva
Natalia Tolmacheva
Head of Talent
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David Fishman
VP Products & Services

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An Extended Team of DevOps and Software Development experts

Bekitzur Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CloudGeometry. By delivering complete highly-skilled remote dev teams, Bekitzur gives you modern software engineering you need to power your product strategy: fast and easy-to-manage recruiting, site support, global tech ops, talent admin, community, benefits, compliance and more.